Tokyo Olympics athletes warned not to use 160000 free condoms

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But safe sex — or anything approaching intimacy for that matter — will be forbidden for athletes competing in Tokyo. The International Olympic Committee this week repeated demands that residents of the Olympic village must observe social distancing guidelines to prevent an outbreak of Covid, threatening rule-breakers with a range of penaltiesincluding fines, disqualification or even deportation. That has left Japanese organisers red-faced after questions were raised about the fate ofcondoms that, in keeping with Olympic tradition, are due to be handed out in the village this summer. Hundreds of thousands of free condoms have been distributed since Seoul to encourage safe sex during the unofficial Olympic sport of bed-hopping among athletes from over countries who spend weeks living in close quarters. In the Guardian app, tap the yellow button at the bottom right, then go to Settings the gear iconthen Notifications. Turn on sport notifications. Was this helpful?

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We may earn commission from links arrange this page, but we only advise products we love. Jan 22, Allie Holloway Is it something they did? Do they smell funky? Is latex only cool if a Kardashian wears it in dress form? These after that other musings inspired us to examine 18—34 year olds on their condom use—or rather, their alarming lack thereof.

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