Menstruation in Girls and Adolescents: Using the Menstrual Cycle as a Vital Sign

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American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Committee Opinion No. Anticipatory Guidance Clinicians should include pubertal development in their anticipatory guidance to children and caretakers beginning at the 7 year and 8 year visits Clinicians should take an ongoing history and perform a complete annual examination, including the inspection of the external genitalia. It is important to educate girls and their caretakers about the usual progression of puberty and development of the menstrual cycle. Clinicians should convey that females will likely begin to menstruate approximately 2—3 years after breast development begins. Adolescent girls should understand that menstruation is a normal part of development and should be instructed on the use of feminine products and on what is considered normal menstrual flow. It is preferred that caretakers and clinicians participate in this educational process. Evaluation Preventive health visits should begin during adolescence to start a dialogue and establish an environment where a patient can feel good about taking responsibility for her own reproductive health and feel confident that her concerns will be addressed in a confidential setting 20

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