12 Ways to Have the Wild Sex She Craves

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Some of the best sexual scenarios are spur of the moment. You know, the gotta-have-you-right-now throwdowns. But other sex situations give us a little more time to prepare—say you've got a hot date scheduled, or a reunion with bae after too many days apart. To take advantage of that time in advance, we asked the experts exactly what you should do before sex to make it the best physical, mental, and emotional encounter it can be. Rather than focusing totally on what you're going to do to your partner, start thinking about what is erotic to you, she says. On a practical note, thinking sexy thoughts can be hard to do if you're stressed out about your to-do list. The day before your big night, tackle any nagging work deadlines and switch off.

We made a list of 30 femininity moves, acts, and games every female should at least think about as a result of the time she's Looking designed for something a little less racy? But you don't know how to acquire yourself off every time you're all the rage the mood, how will you always be able to explain it en route for your partner? Test out a vibrator, if you're not using one before now, and play around with different speeds and positions. The better you appreciate yourself, the more fun you'll allow when you add a guy en route for the mix. It was so angry, says Gina, Yes, of avenue, duh. There are few things hotter than getting busy with a chuck, especially if the chemistry is around.

As luck would have it, the hotness factor of spontaneous femininity goes down when you're not all set to have it. Whether your apart from hookup leads to a wild chuck or your boyfriend begs you en route for stay at his place, follow these beauty and health tips and you'll be ready for wherever the dark takes you. Nothing kills the air faster than bad breath. Even but you brush your pearly whites ahead of you leave the house, bar snacks and certain boozy beverages can be sell for on a sudden case of halitosis that mouth spray and mints can not be able to combat. Be prepared for good-night smooches or a sexy good-morning wake-up call!

All wants sex, but no one's chat dirty. Dig deep into the sexual psyches of thousands of men after that women around the country, as we did, and this little irony stands out. Lack of communication—not lack of interest—is the top bedroom complaint designed for men. For women, it ranks agree with, just behind too-short foreplay.

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