Learning Spanish Slang: 4 Ways to Say FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS

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This list is focused on the slang necessary for understanding and participating in lovemaking, but much of it can be used in daily life as well. The Mexican Spanish speaker desiring dick is likely thinking of lo as in el pito whereas the Spaniard likely thinks of la as in la polla. But la is also possible in Mexico, referring to la verga :. Get our free app for learning Spanish as it is really spoken…in bed! Mexico is a rather religious and conservative country, so as is typical for such lands, there is far more joking about sex than actual fucking. So this list could be annoyingly endless. Note that serial monogamy is the social, outward-facing norm in Mexico. There is also of course a lot of cheating.

Allow you learned these Mexican slang words yet? Or are you used en route for Hola, amigo. But one of the difficult aspects of any language is learning the regional differences, especially after it comes to slang. This is particularly true with Spanish, where around are many different dialects. And English has influenced Mexican Spanish in arrival. Some of them are not apposite to use with strangers or constant with your family. This one is simple. Many words in Spanish acquire smushed together for convenience.

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