Are You Wrong for Wanting a No-Drama Relationship?

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I was the king of dating with regrets. I ended up engaged to the same woman three times—and unengaged three times. I had two kids with two different women before I turned 21, and I left a trail of broken hearts in the midst of self medicating my own. How do you feel when you hear the word dating? It protects us from unnecessary pain. The relationship steps mentioned in the Bible are single, engaged, and married. The first step to dating without regrets is understanding why you want to date in the first place. I used to enter into relationships and treat them like marriages.

A lot of women nowadays are under the delusion that since guys have their accept of women, the majority will attempt for the leggy, perfect 10 supermodel types. How wrong you are ladies. Sure, there will always be dudes out there who are modelizers, the ones that bat above their arithmetic mean and seek perfection. However, the adult year of men out there are a minute ago looking for a normal, sane child who likes to kick back along with a beer and a bucket of fried chicken. Drama stems from big mouth, backstabbing and general bitching — altogether things girls have a PhD all the rage. While this is a commonly acknowledged phenomenon, no man wants to be with a girl who is altogether drama, all the time. Women who come across as uptight or acquire too bothered by the little details are a turnoff to most men. They want a girl who they can bring out with their buddies, who can act like one of the boys, fitting in with their humor and who is sociable after that fun to be around.

Can you repeat that? did he mean by that? Can you repeat that? was he implying?! Instead of ahead of you and considering, I would have consume on the offensive. A drama-free girlfriend? More like the male fantasy of an opinionless, malleable, no-personality woman as a result of his side. Today, I know a bite. She understands that she is accountable for them; nobody can make her feel a certain way. She is only involved in necessary conflicts, by no means in pointless things or minor perceived slights.

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