Dirty Little Secret

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September 22, This was just an ok read for me. After the mess the last book was in this interconnected series, I was hesitant to even start this, but if there's one trope I live for, it's brothers best friend so I was very cautiously excited for this book. So Stella has a crush on her brothers best friend Samson ever since she fell out of the tree, and and have fallen into this epic love with each other throughout the years, but the thing that keeps getting in their way is their age difference. They make a plan that on Stella's 18th birthday they will finally be together out in the open, unafraid of what her brother and others might think. Only once Stella's birthday arrives, Samson is nowhere to be found, breaking her heart in the process. Nine months passes, and Samson has felt the loss of Stella every single day.

Acme reviews from the United States Karen J. Reviewed in the United States on April 19, 4. I'm appealing sure HE was the one body used. And no matter how old Arias felt or how jealous she was, it's never an excuse en route for murder someone! I am shocked by the people who somehow think he deserved his end.

Verified Purchase As seen on Booked J last year. Yes, that Booked J. As a note, a review ape of this novel was provided arrange NetGalley in exchange for an candid review. This does not effect my opinion in any way. Thank you! In all honesty, I'm clawing my way towards the sequel already as holy crap I need it at once.

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