The Real Reasons Guys Love Doggy Style So Much

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I kindly challenge anyone with a vagina who doesn't like doggy-style sex to seriously reconsider. I get that it's not the most intimate of positions—you're facing away from your partner, after all—and it's not exactly relaxing your arms get tired, and your knees can take a reaaal beating. But when done correctly, doggy style is incredibly satisfying. Why not remind them how lucky they are? Plus, for some folks, being on all fours and entered from behind—the most basic definition of doggy, which obviously comes from the way dogs themselves mate—can actually be mentally stimulating, too. On one hand, the lack of pressure of staring into your partner's eyes can make it easier to orgasmsays Nan Wise, PhD, a licensed psychotherapist and certified sex therapist, and author of Why Good Sex Matters. On the other, you might enjoy feeling dominated by your partner—it's a gentle foray into kinky or BDSM sex. But before I get into those, let's start with the basics

Doggy style is a classic sex arrange that offers many benefits — as well as deep penetration and an exciting analysis for the partner on the benevolent side. With the help of femininity toys, people of all genders be able to enjoy doggy style. Doggy style is a great position for deep access, which can be extra pleasurable designed for some people, says Lucy Rowett , a sexologist and certified intimacy drill. This is because it can accelerate the tip of your cervix, at time called the A-spot. If you allow a vagina, having sex in doggy style hits your G-Spot more by a long chalk and allows for deeper penetration, Rowett says. This is because the penis or sex toy is tilted descending in doggy style, causing it en route for rub directly on the front barrage of the vagina, where the G-spot lies.

After you think of sex positions as of behindyou may scratch your head by how backward penetration could stretch a good deal beyond classic doggy style. As an avid fan of the down-on-all-fours method, I questioned how you could maybe switch up reach-from-behind penetration for the better. I quickly realized I was overthinking it. Hell, in some renditions, you can even bring in props for added pleasure. The more delve into I conduct on from-behind play, the more I realize I have tested many of these delightful iterations all the rage my own life. Ahead, 10 femininity positions from behind that might a minute ago make you rethink your go-to after that a few sex toys to advantage enhance the experience even further.

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Assume about it: Lots of other positions lead to complicated questions of can you repeat that? to do with your legs after that arms. Missionary requires him to bolster himself up. But doggy style is straightforward. He gets on his knees, holds on to your hips, after that goes at it. Or when he stops to itch his ear.

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