The Sudbury model: How one of the world’s major polluters went green

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What about your first laptop or tablet? Where are they now? Electronic waste is something we should be more aware of; instead - and more often - we see computers just as disposable as so much of our consumer world. We should be looking at maximizing the life span and utility of devices, not being so fickle with obsolescence and always obtaining the latest gadget. Nathan Abourbih has a passion for reviving, refurbishing, and celebrating the equipment that still has usable hours. Some pieces of equipment have stories to tell and miles still to go. Where did it all start? Each student in the region, regardless of their school, was invited to join and collaborate online at a blazing speed of The old Macintosh Quadra that we used as our SEdNET server found a home in my basement for many years until I eventually took it to the e-waste pile at the dump.

We apologize, but this video has abortive to load. Trying to solve a year-old cold case, Sudbury police announce snapshot of suspect based on DNA Back to video Evidence in the case included multiple DNA samples, fingerprints and three witnesses, but the assassin has not been identified to this day. Handout via Greater Sudbury Constabulary Service Now, Sudbury police have bowed to DNA phenotyping, an increasingly accepted technology among American law enforcement departments, to solve the case. Phenotyping involves using a DNA profile to dig out specific information about a suspect, such as ethnic makeup, face shape after that eye colour. Police have now released a photo of the suspect based on his DNA profile and are hoping it helps crack the argument. David Toffoli, who was lead canvasser on the Sweeney slaying for all but a decade and is now a forensic supervisor with the Sudbury constabulary force, solving the homicide would be a personal victory. Toffoli said Sweeney was on the phone to a co-worker across town at a.

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Built by a Canadian mining company, the Superstack has long stood as a reminder of the environmental devastation so as to mining wrought here in Sudbury, Ontario. It also tells a powerful account of renewal. The stack was built as part of an industrial byzantine that denuded the land here of any kind of vegetation, leaving blackened rocks and lakes without fish. The landscape drew comparisons to barren moonscapes. Why We Wrote This Volunteers allow worked for decades in Sudbury, Ontario, to restore the land in the once-polluted mining town. They say their work holds lessons for breaking the endless cycle of conflict between activity and environmentalists. It got so abysmal that stakeholders came together to arrest the pollution, replant the trees, after that restock the lakes. Today Sudbury enjoys some of the cleanest air attribute in Ontario. And those here about the community offers a lesson all the rage how to break the cycle of conflict that the current climate calamity often creates, pitting industry against the environment.

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