Happy Hour: Easy to make easier to drink

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Anyone who writes about drinks for a living sooner or later gets called upon to mix, shake and pour for a crowd. Sometimes, this request comes with advance warning and proper ingredients, and sometimes not. I can assure you the expectations of the thirsty remain at the same high level either way. As we continue our Tournament of Beverages into a sixth week, our latest finalist is the erudite Christine Sismondo, who knows how to use a Boston shaker but is better known as the author of Mondo Cocktail, renowned among booze geeks as one of the best-researched and witty books on the subject of mixed drinks and their history. Not surprisingly, given the depth of her knowledge and the undoubtedly considerable social demands on her skills, Sismondo has a summery ace up her sleeve when a round is called for. The Aperol lends it sophistication, while the tequila elevates it from a light drink into a serious contender.

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