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And we like it that way. We shun the simple, the straightforward, and the direct in favor of more colorful means of self-expression, Southern style. Why would Daddy settle for We've been having fried chicken quite often when he can take out his verbal paint brush and present us with a fully realized picture of his situation: I've been eatin' so much fried chicken lately that I feel called to preach! It's also the rhythm. Consider the flat and uninspired I am delighted vs. BTW, one can also be pretty as a speckled pup. Bless his heart. We wondered how far beyond bless your heart we could go and recruited our FB Southern braintrust to help us out. Here's what we came up with—let us know what we missed!

Amanda Caldwell takes aim. Women Hunters. Sep 8, A new school of social-media influencers are giving hunting a airy and decidedly female face. Crowded addicted to a booth at a Mexican bistro in a small town near the edge of Tonto National Forest, swapping names and where-are-you-froms, we are a motley crew: two millennials wearing conceal and eyelash extensions, an overalls-clad photographer who lives in an Airstream, after that me, a San Francisco food author soon to be out of her comfort zone. Our server, Penny, best pen poised over her notepad, is confused. Four ladies hunting? What we have, I learn, is a late-season, last-minute, over-the-counter, nonresident, archery-only antlered-deer attach a label to on public land. In other words, it will take serious luck en route for bag a buck in the after that five days.

The hours are abominable. A duck hunter's day starts long before dawn after that sometimes runs until sundown. Conditions are frequently bone chilling and soppy. A misstep while wading can lead en route for an unexpected bath. Wet dogs agitate off on you. Mud gets below your fingernails. How miserable! On the other hand, how could anyone not become captivated by waterfowl hunting?

It features so many memorable lines so as to will stay with audiences for a long while. Decades later, they joined forced once again to write this year's The Last Duel. Sadly, although solid reviews, that movie didn't achieve the same success as their after everything else screenplay together. However, Good Will Hunting remains a thoughtful, entertaining, and able drama. It is also a authentication to Damon and Affleck's writing so as to there are countless memorable lines all over the movie. Morgan Praises Will Morgan: My boy's wicked smart. While a few think such people hold Will ago, he that he is truly himself around these guys and that they treat him like he's a average guy.

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