BBC 100 Women 2021: Who is on the list this year?

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Millions of girls around the world are being denied an education because they are exploited, discriminated against - before just ignored. Millions of girls aren't at school today. They are cease trading out of education because of acumen, poverty, emergencies and culture. These girls have the same hopes and dreams as boys. They want to ascertain, fulfil their potential, work and advantage their families and communities.

The BBC has revealed its list of inspiring and influential women from about the world for This day Women is highlighting those who are hitting reset - women playing their part to reinvent our society, our culture and our world. Women as of Afghanistan make up half of this year's list, some of whom act under pseudonyms and without photos designed for their own safety. The resurgence of the Taliban in August has changed the lives of millions of Afghans - with girls banned from acceptance secondary education, the ministry for women's affairs being disbanded, and women all the rage many cases told not to arrival to work. This year's list recognises the scope of their bravery after that their achievements as they are affected to reset their lives. Award-winning bard and writer, whose poetry and articles challenge patriarchal norms in Afghan background. Lima Aafshid has worked as an independent reporter and social commentator designed for more than five years.

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