The concept of virginity from the perspective of Iranian adolescents: a qualitative study

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Methods In this qualitative study with phenomenological approach, the research team visited public places, including parks and coffee shops, and interviewed a number of 15—year-old adolescents. The data were collected using in-depth interviews with semi-structured questions and analysed using thematic analysis method. Results Several themes, including virginity as the lack of emotional relationship with the opposite sex, lack of physical contact, nonpenetrative relationship, virginity as a myth, virginity as a commitment, having an intact hymen, and not knowing the meaning of virginity, were extracted from the data. The findings of this study showed that the participants did not consider physical contact as the breach of virginity. Sexual health education is an effective prevention strategy that reduces the risk of STDs [ 4 ]. Hence, virginity as a tradition or a religious value can become a tool to prevent STIs [ 45 ]. Virginity as the lack of sexual intercourse before marriage has been considered as a value and sign of piety in many religions for centuries [ 6 ]. Nevertheless, the cultural and social place of virginity and the attitude of people toward premarital sexual relationship has been changed considerably within the last few years following the incorrect perceptions of virginity and changes in the world value system [ 7 ].

Metrics details Abstract Virginity, as a category, carries with it enormous personal after that social meaning and represents a sexual milestone with high cultural significance. At the outset, we note a reduction between after that of both male and female students reporting themselves as virgins at the time of the interview. Third, the findings of the present study appeal to special attention to two crucial characteristics of Italian society: regional divisions after that the role of religiosity. We act that, although religiosity is still central to the sexual lives of Italian youths, its relevance is weakening above time. Introduction Modernization, secularization, more calm social norms, and greater gender correspondence have galvanized important changes in the sexual and affective behaviors of contemporaneous societies. Although rarely discussed or analyzed, the onset of the transition en route for adulthood starts with the first sexual experiences during adolescence—particularly in relation en route for increasing independence, responsibility, and the administration of at-risk behaviors Poscia, La Milia, Lohmeyer, et al. Early sexual events—among which the experience of first coitus represents a highly significant cultural after that sexual milestone Higgins et al. This paper aims to depict the socio-demographic profiles of virginity among a aspect segment of youths in Italy—namely, academe students. The first years of tertiary education are a crucial stepping boulder for young Italians.

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