Jacqueline Ades trial: How a dating app led to a 159000-text stalker nightmare

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Jacqueline Claire Ades, 33, was acquainted along with the successful CEO who owned the home in Paradise Valley, Arizona — and the man recognized the assumed intruder on his surveillance system about midnight as a woman he coordinated with on the millionaire matchmaking app Luxy a year and a half earlier. They went on exactly individual date and parted ways before the end of the night. N adjourn forever. Threatening texts sent from April suggested she wanted to kill the businessman.

Times Staff Writers The hairstylist was across-the-board the floor when he heard the guttural screams. Rose Marco, 57, a fortune-teller with a penchant for accomplishment readings into the early mornings, died six days later. LAPD detectives Wednesday said that Marco was burned as a result of a Molotov cocktail thrown into her business because of an ongoing argue between two Gypsy families. Siganoff purportedly punished Marco after her family went outside the insular Gypsy community after that reported a burglary to police.

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