116 Dominant & Submissive BDSM Pet Names For Guys

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These names can be sweet and loving but are sometimes more insulting or humiliating. Not everyone is okay with that. If you prefer the sweet and affectionate names, you might also prefer sensual domination to hardcore kink. And you can always combine a sweet descriptor with a deprecating name or the other way around to keep things interesting. Think Slave Princess or Darling Slut, for example. Of course, there are plenty of other names that refer to the power-exchange aspect of a relationship and the roles that are played, including Kitten, which works well both for pet play and general BDSM scenes. Precious or Treasure pay homage to the intimate relationship that a dominant and submissive have, while a sassy submissive might best fit the name Brat.

Appeal Tropes of Women in Medieval Creative writing Throughout the Medieval period, women were viewed as second class citizens, after that their needs always were an addendum. They were either held to be completely deceitful, sexual, innocent, or bungling. Therefore, women were mostly withheld as of positions of power or speaking their voice; males made decisions for them, and their lives were dictated as a result of the men that ran the association. Despite their lack of validation after that suppression, however, women in Medieval creative writing were certainly present in many facility and in various forms. Some tropes feed into the idea that women are subservient and inferior to men such as the Virgin, which portrays females as passive and weak, before the mother whose very life circles around making a better life designed for her family and especially for her husband, or even the whore who has no power in her sexuality and must give it away designed for the well being of her ancestor or the men in society. But, there are some archetypes that be in breach of this cycle like the Trickster before Witch who break the social norms and stand out, displaying qualities of cunning intelligence, intimidation, and power. The sections below will dive deeper addicted to the disparity between how women were viewed in Medieval society and how they were portrayed in the creative writing of the time.

We called her Lola. She was 4 foot 11, with mocha-brown skin after that almond eyes that I can allay see looking into mine—my first recall. She was 18 years old after my grandfather gave her to my mother as a gift, and after my family moved to the Amalgamate States, we brought her with us. No other word but slave encompassed the life she lived.

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