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Some months later a police officer and his cadaver dog came across the bodies of four women wrapped in burlap sacks near where Shannan vanished. They were identified as four sex workers who had gone missing between and — none were Shannan, though police realized they had a serial killer on their hands. In Spring six more sets of remains and partial remains were found which comprised four women, a man, and a toddler who was the child of one of the women. No one has ever been arrested. Did the suspicious doctor do it? Or is this the work of multiple serial killers? From podcast network Parcast comes this very slick scripted show focusing on well known true crime cases. Production values are very high and the audio crystal clear.

Arrange 26 NovemberYara Gambirasio, 13, went absent. Three months later her body was discovered in scrubland nearby. So began one of the most complex assassinate investigations in Italian history, which bidding reach its climax later this day. Y ara Gambirasio should only allow been gone a short while. Arrange Friday 26 Novemberat 5.

My Favorite Murder released its first affair on January 13, The podcast arrange includes regular episodes, minisodes, and recorded live shows. Minisodes usually consist of listeners' stories, often referred to at the same time as hometown murders, regardless of the brand of story told. Live shows after that regular shows share a common numbering sequence while minisodes follow a branch out numbering system.

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