Coronavirus: Virgin Atlantic finalises £1.2bn rescue deal

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Metrics details Abstract How do young people interpret virginity loss, and does saving sex for marriage have any socially constructed benefit for marriage? Four distinctive interpretations of virginity loss comprising the gift, precondition, stigma, and process emerged from the data. Altogether the findings expand the current understanding of the diverse perceived benefits of virginity that move beyond honour and respect to more complex benefits like trust in a union, sexual satisfaction and ultimate satisfaction in marriage. Introduction Nothing gives you honour and respect like when you keep yourself till after your wedding-Comment from a group member. Premarital sexual activity among adolescents and young African adults is generating intense discussion in sexuality research primarily because of the risks of unintended pregnancies and sexually transmittable infections in this population group Biddlecom et al. Throughout Africa, there are various reports on the effectiveness of sexuality education on improving sexual behaviours and treatment-seeking behaviours of young adults Fawole et al. However, many sexuality education across African countries solely promotes sexual abstinence until marriage as a strategy for the prevention of sexually transmittable infections, while other means of safe sex practices such as condom use and non-penetrative sex are often ignored and excluded in sexuality education as a result of religious and social norms Chirawu et al. Nonetheless, unprotected sexual activity is never safe, whether before, during, or outside of marriage.

Virgin bailout 'could help green economy' - Miliband As with other airlines, the Covid outbreak plunged Virgin Atlantic addicted to a crisis as air travel dehydrated up. Virgin grounded most of its fleet for months, but is anticipate to resume some services next week. Sir Richard even offered to advance his Caribbean holiday island, Necker, all the rage return for new investment, although this was no longer necessary. Virgin Arrange raised money for the investment as of the sale of some shares all the rage the Virgin Galactic space tourism ballet company. The investment plan still needs ceremonial approval from Virgin Atlantic's creditors below a court-sanctioned process. In May, the airline announced 3, job cuts after that the closure of its base by Gatwick airport. Although the restructuring after that investment plans protect the remaining jobs, it does not change the basic to re-shape the size of the business, Virgin Atlantic said.

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