Genuinely casual no-strings-attached sex with a good [F]riend. A wholesome story!

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Often stories here about friends-with-benefits are full of tropes which make the whole experience seem more like a porn scene than a totally casual, solely positive sexual experience between friends. Anna and I have been friends since university — not quite the same friendship circle, but good enough to spend many evenings chatting together about politics or literature. She has a cool slightly hipsterish dress sense, great boobs which she mostly conceals under T-shirts and jumpers, and a great sense of humour. She also has a lot of casual sex. I know this because it so happened that we both ended up living in Paris for a few months after graduation, where we got to know each other a bit better. It did make me think about her in bed occasionally, but then all guys have fantasised about most of their female friends at some point. Anyway, after hanging out in Paris for a few months she went back to New Zealand to work, keeping in touch every now and again over Skype.

Friends with Benefits. Fuck Buddies. No Strings Attached. Call it what you absence to, chances are it is available to end up much more complex that the simple cut-and-dry set ahead that any of those names entail. Can it ever really just be that simple? Is there any such thing as a true No Strings Attached sexual relationship with a child or is it just an built-up legend?

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